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Follow Alastair's golf advice
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Never top a shot again

Many golfers struggle getting consistent contact with the golf ball and while there are many reasons that people top their shots I think the biggest reason is that they are trying to get the ball in the air.
On a well-struck shot the bottom of the swing will be just after the impact with the ball and your weight will have shifted into your front leg. When golfers try to get the ball in the air though the weight stays on the back leg and the low point of the swing moves behind the ball.

This either causes at ‘fat’ shot where you strike the ground first or they miss the ground all together and top the ball.
A great drill for this is to set up as normal and then move the ball three to four inches further forward than normal and then try and hit some shots.

With the ball being so much further forward it will force you to transfer your weight correctly and move the bottom of the swing into the correct place.
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