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Taylor's golf hints
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Many golfers struggle to find consistent results with every club in the bag.

Even though the golf-swing should be very similar with all clubs there is a difference with driver and shots from the floor.
When the golf ball is on the floor we need to create a slight downward pressure in order to strike the ball and after that the ground.
Much of this is created in the set-up with the ball position and the posture.
However, the path the club-head moves on should be very straight or even slightly left through impact.
With driver, however, the ball is up on the tee and we are looking to strike up on the ball with the clubhead travelling more to the right through impact.
With most of our shots being from the floor golfers tend to hit down on the ball too much with driver causing poor strikes and direction.
Make sure the ball position is towards the front foot and lean your spine slightly away from the target.
Through impact feel like you swing the clubhead more to the right and enjoy straighter shots, maybe even a draw!
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