Aldi vow after car park row

Aldi in Leyland
Aldi in Leyland
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A Leyland supermarket which said neighbours could no longer use its car park has made a U-turn.

Residents living near Aldi on Westgate said when the store opened, an agreement was made with the company that they could use the car park, as a ‘gesture of good will’.

It came after the firm wanted double yellow lines around the site to improve access for its delivery vehicles, which prevented residents parking outside their homes.

Recently, number plate recognition cameras were installed to stop shoppers parking for more than two hours, and residents complained Aldi had gone back on the informal agreement.

Now though, Coun Alan Ogilvie, who represents the Leyland St Mary’s ward, has contacted Aldi and reached a compromise.

Residents can now use the car park between 7pm and 10am from Monday to Saturday, and outside the hours of 10am and 4pm on Sundays.