Alice calls for lower bus fares

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A Leyland teen has hit out at hiking bus fares.

Alice Kelly, 16, from Leyland Lane, is a student at Worden Sports College and says rising bus fares means it costs £5 for a return ticket to go shopping in Preston.

She is now campaigning for lower rates for students.

She said: “It is just ridiculous. As soon as you turn 16 now you have to pay the full adult price, but in the eyes of the law I still can’t vote, drive, or get a proper job.

“So how am I supposed to pay this?”

The teen says she is becoming increasingly frustrated with the costs to travel on public transport, and it is having an effect on her social life. She said: “I get an allowance from my mum of £25 a month and with that I have to pay for things like my phone bill.

“If you take out £5 for one trip to Preston then there is nearly nothing left.

“It’s a lot out of my budget that I can’t really spare and I don’t want to ask for anymore handouts from my mum.”

The teen is now appealing to local bus companies to introduce student rates to help those struggling in full-time education.

She said: “I hope to go straight from high school into college and then hopefully university, so it’s not as if I can get a full-time job anytime soon for all of this.

“It is hard enough finding work at the moment. I have been looking for ages but there is nothing out there.

“I think there should be a student fare for a reasonable price for 16 to 18 years olds.”

Last week the Guardian highlighted the plight of Alice’s fellow Worden Sports College pupil Heather Young, who is campaigning for the law to be changed so she can find a job.

The 15-year-old says because she is still at school she is unable to work before 7am or after 7pm on weekdays.

Alice said: “It is so hard at the moment. We want to find jobs and we want to pay for things.

“I haven’t been on the buses since I found out how much it costs because it is so expensive. I just hope with all the cuts going on at the moment that it won’t go up even further.”