All singing new school uniform

Ellis Robinson, 13 and Amber McCarty, 15 in the new school uniforms at Wellfield Business and Enterprise College
Ellis Robinson, 13 and Amber McCarty, 15 in the new school uniforms at Wellfield Business and Enterprise College
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A LEYLAND school is launching a brand new uniform – but does it look a little familiar?

Students from Wellfield Business and Enterprise College were tasked with creating a brand new outfit to replace their dark jumpers and navy and gold ties.

But when the final design came together school bosses realised the new uniform bears a striking resemblance to that of those worn by characters from the hit TV show Glee.

Piers Tolson, headteacher at the Yewlands Drive school, said: “We worked in consultation with the students and they were the ones that came up with the idea for this uniform.

“There was no reference made to Glee at the time. It was only after we put it together that someone mentioned it was similar.”

The Warblers from fictional school Dalton Academy are an all-male choir group who compete against the school’s Glee club in their distinctive navy blazers with red piping.

It is the first time in 15 years that Wellfield High School has had such a uniform change.

Mr Tolson said: “The piping is a lot thinner and the stripes on the tie aren’t as bold on our uniform. There was no deliberate attempt to make it similar. Ours is much more subtle, but it is still quite distinctive, which is what we wanted.”

The headteacher also addressed concerns about creating a new uniform in the current climate.

He said: “We have tried to give parents as much notice as possible as we are well aware of the financial demands on replacing uniforms.

“This was also part of the decision in changing uniform, some parents were buying two of our old sweaters a year and now they may only need two blazers throughout their time at Wellfield.

“We worked hard and attracted some sponsorship to try and offset some of the cost for all students if they buy before the start of September.”

School manager Mary Turner said: “The students were very clear that they wanted the Leyland Cross to be a prominent feature of the school badge and they also came up with the new colour scheme.”

“The students worked very hard to come up with their ideas about what they felt was important to represent Wellfield.

The ideas were finally presented to the governors who accepted the suggestions.

The new uniform will come into effect from September.

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