American dream over for brave Logan

Logan North, five with parents Amanda and Ian North from Bamber Bridge
Logan North, five with parents Amanda and Ian North from Bamber Bridge
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The devastated family of battling Logan North have been told that he cannot go to America for lifesaving treatment for his highly aggressive cancer.

Logan, five, of Collins Road, Bamber Bridge, has Stage IV neuroblastoma and his family launched a campaign to raise £250,000 to send him to America for the last part of his treatment.

Logan and dad Ian were planning to head to America on November 5 for six months while he underwent immunotherapy at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

However, the plans have now been scrapped as a consultant from America has contacted medics in America to tell them that Logan has missed the time slot for the treatment.

Mum Amanda said: “We are heartbroken as we have just found out that Logan has not been accepted for the treatment in America as he does not meet the criteria.

“Basically, it is because he has missed his time slot. The immunotherapy part of the treatment, which is what Logan was going to America to have, needs to begin 100 days after the bone marrow transplant is carried out.

“Unfortunately, there has been a mix-up somewhere along the line and because it has been longer than 100 days, Logan cannot have the US treatment as the timescale has passed.

“We are very upset as the reason we wanted Logan to have the immunotherapy part of his treatment in America was because it is the most advanced treatment and has a lower risk of relapse.”

However, Logan has fresh hope as a new neuroblastoma study has begun at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool and he has been accepted to begin treatment on November 19.

This means that Logan will be able to remain at home and his family will no longer be separated for six months.

Amanda, who suffers from the auto-immune condition lupus which has caused her to have brittle bone disease, was going to stay at home with 12-year-old son Max, who is autistic and eight-year-old daughter Amy, who has Down’s syndrome, while Ian and Logan went to America.

Amanda said: “Even though it is some consolation that the family will no longer be split up while Logan has his treatment, I would still have preferred Logan to go to America if that meant his best chance of survival.

“This is a huge disappointment to us, but we will have to come to terms with it and focus on the Liverpool treatment and hope it has the best outcome for Logan.”

Logan’s family had planned an early Christmas party for him on November 3 before he went to America, which will still be going ahead.

The family want people to carry on fundraising as if the treatment in Liverpool is not successful, Logan may face further treatment abroad. If the money is not needed, it will go to help another child with neuroblastoma.

Logan is currently undergoing radiotherapy at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

- To donate, visit: or text LGAN99 and an amount to: 70070.