Angry student hits out at careless driver

Student Emily Hackett appeals for witnesses to an incident when her car was smashed into on School Lane, Bamber Bridge
Student Emily Hackett appeals for witnesses to an incident when her car was smashed into on School Lane, Bamber Bridge
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Is this the area’s unluckiest student?

Emily Hackett had been staying with some friends and parked her Ford Fiesta on School Lane in Brinscall overnight.

When the 19-year-old returned the next morning the car had been hit, shunting the vehicle inot a wall and leaving a dent down the side and back.

The damage was so bad the car had to be scrapped.

She said: “I was really gutted when I got back to the car because it had been pushed so far that it was lodged into the bench at the park and against a wall.

“I had to ask someone to help me move it so I could see how bad the damage was.

“My dad and I took it to a garage and I was told that it would have to be scrapped because of how bad it was.

“It would have cost more than £3,500 to repair which was more than the value of the car.

“The garage told us that it would have taken a large van or lorry to do the damage.

“We are appealing for anyone who saw anything to tell us what happened but some people we have spoken to told us that it happened between 8am and 9am on December 16 because they did not see anything walking past before then.”

Emily now faces a race against time to try to get a new car ready to head off for her studies at Staffordshire University where she is doing surface pattern design.

She said: “We are having to wait until the insurance company gives us some money. “We have been forced to pay out the excess until we actually find the person who did it.

“I am a student and cannot really afford to be paying out like this.”

Emily was hoping for more luck with cars this year as the Ford Fiesta was her second vehicle of 2011 after being involved in an accident in Brinscall.

She said: “It is a real shame because I cannot do without a car having to travel up and down to university/

“I have only had the Fiesta since August and the damage was to both sides of the chassis and there was nothing I could do.

“Before that I had a Ford Ka which was involved in an accident when a car pulled out on me.

“I was fortunate because we knew who the owner was and we were able to claim off their insurance.”

However, all Emily’s luck was out this time round.

She said: “The police told us that there was one resident nearby who had CCTV cameras but they had switched it off to use the plug for their Christmas tree lights.

“We are just hoping that someone might have information.”

Did you see what happened then contact 01254 831304.