Attractive place to live - that’s official

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Stewart Milne Homes has launched Worden View, a collection of two, three and four-bedroomed family homes in Euxton.

Following the popular Farrington Park development in Buckshaw Village, this is the second collection of family homes from this developer in the Chorley area.

Stewart Milne Homes takes a look at the town and surrounding villages, to see what makes it such an attractive prospect for families.

Historically, Chorley was an industrial centre, with a skyline littered with factory chimneys, but the town has undergone a transformation in recent years.

Urban regeneration projects, retail investment and an additional rail link for the town have breathed new life into the area, and made it an increasingly popular option for people looking to invest in property in an area undergoing growth and resurgence.

In a recent Mori poll, people were asked to rank the factors most important to them in determining what makes somewhere a good place to live.

When looking at the named factors, and how highly they rank, Chorley and the surrounding villages ticked almost all of the boxes.

With so many desirable assets and amenities for families, it’s no wonder such towns are attracting so much investment from property developers.

As expected, people in England value low crime rates (70 per cent of respondents), and easy access to health services (59 per cent), public transport (52 per cent) and good education providers (53 per cent) when looking for the ideal place to live.

Uniquely, the villages surrounding Chorley have the ability to offer all of these crucial elements, and more.

As access to the countryside was a noted consideration for people choosing where to live (54 per cent of rural respondents rated this as important), Stewart Milne Homes designed and built

developments outside Chorley centre, benefitting from some of the best scenery and countryside in the North West.

Free from the pollution of town centres while still allowing easy access to shopping and retail options, the surrounding villages of Euxton and Buckshaw Village are very attractive places to live.

Buckshaw Village is one of the largest developments of its kind in Europe.

With a population of 4,000 (and growing), this town has been unique in its ability to boom in size to meet the high demand for family homes, while still retaining the thriving community spirit of a small village.

Farrington Park, Stewart Milne Homes’ recent collection of homes in this area, has proven very popular with house hunters looking for a family-friendly community atmosphere and good neighbours.

The homes at Worden View have been designed with the needs of families in mind, with bright and inviting living spaces, well-appointed and functional kitchens with dining areas, and spacious bedrooms.

Other important factors incorporated for families include the layout which has been designed with no through roads, to alleviate traffic congestion (important to 40% of the Mori poll respondents).

And with affordability ranking so highly in importance for families, Stewart Milne Homes offers a range of plans and affordable options for families, to help them move in to these homes.

Trading Places – one of the plans available at Worden View – is giving families a helping hand to move.

By giving househunters a fair market offer on their existing property, this plan frees them from the property chain, allowing them to move into a home better suited to their needs.

n For more information on Worden View, and the ways in which Stewart Milne Homes is making it affordable for families to move, see or ring 0845 309 6105 to arrange a visit.