Balshaw’s gets two head boys in twins Ethan and Jordan

Ethan and Jordan Darr, 15
Ethan and Jordan Darr, 15

Twins Ethan and Jordan Darr are used to competing against each other, so didn’t think twice about going head-to-head for the coveted Head Boy position at Balshaw’s CE High School.

But headteacher Jo Venn and the senior leadership team had a tough time choosing between them, so decided to award the role to both boys, as a job share.

Now, pupils at the Church Road school have double the reason to be on their guard, as the duo have joined forces with Head Girl, Annabelle Pike, 14.

“We do go against each other in some things,” Ethan, 15, said. “We both do athletics and are members of Preston Harriers, so when we race we’re always trying to beat each other.

“It’s pretty equal usually.”

Teachers voted for the students they thought would do the best job as Head Boy and Girl, and after a subsequent pupil vote, a select few were narrowed down for the nerve-wracking interview stage.

“We didn’t speak to each other about what we were going to say in our interviews,” Jordan said. “When we were told we’d both got the role, we just looked at each other, really confused.

“It was a good surprise though. Our mum, Joanne, was really happy when she found out because I think she was a bit worried about what would happen if one of us got it and the other missed out.”

The boys, from Clayton-le-Woods, have both chosen to do GCSEs in Spanish, PE and food technology, but whilst Ethan is also doing geography and wants to get an apprenticeship at BAE when he leaves school, Jordan has opted for history and wants to get a sports science qualification at college.

Jordan said: “As soon as we started school, our mum always wanted us to do well. We’ve done things like athletics and football, which has disciplined us.”

Ethan added: “Our older sister Natasha was Head Girl, and our brother Adam was a house captain at Balshaw’s, so they have influenced us and we’ve always wanted to be on the senior leadership team.

“We never expected to both be Head Boys though!”

Annabelle, from Leyland, who is studying music and drama, Spanish and food technology, was also inspired by older students.

“When I was younger I always looked up to the Head Girl,” she said. “There’s a lot of respect which comes with the role, and I wanted to inspire the younger pupils.

“I’m looking forward to doing speeches, meeting new people in the school, doing family tours and organising events and the prefects’ duties.”

The trio are all in Year 10 at the minute but have just taken over the roles from Year 11s, who are currently sitting their GCSE exams and will be leaving the school before the summer.