Beaver Evenings at Martin Mere

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Last week the beavers at WWT Martin Mere Wetland Centre felled one of the trees and these nocturnal creatures have since been seen by lucky visitors before the centre closes at 6pm.

After a 500 year absence from Lancashire, in 2007 two European beavers, a male and a female called Twiggy and Woody, became residents at Martin Mere. Their nocturnal activities are captured on night vision cameras streamed live on the Martin Mere website:

Beaver evenings

Beaver evenings

Beavers, the world’s second largest rodent, are one of nature’s engineers excavating canals and building dams and lodges of branch and earth. The display at Martin Mere is the only attraction in the North West where visitors can see a beaver’s natural habitat.

Later this month (20 June) is the first of the special beaver evenings at Martin Mere where you will get the chance to spot the beavers and find out more about Twiggy and Woody.

The event is £15 per person, including refreshments and starts at 7.30pm. As you have to remain quiet and still in the hide it is not suitable for young children.

Please book in advance by calling 01704 895181 (Monday to Friday) or emailing

Event dates: Friday 20 June, Friday 11 July and Friday 1 August.