Big housing scheme gets thumbs up off planners

Croston Road in Farington Moss
Croston Road in Farington Moss
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Plans for a major housing development in South Ribble have been given the green light.

Members of South Ribble’s planning committee unanimously approved an outline application for up to 400 homes, community facilities and a new road on land off Croston Road in Leyland.

And leaders said the new estate, due to be built on a green field site, was vital for the growth of Central Lancashire.

The Croston Road site is allocated for housing under the council’s local plan and is one of the sites identified under the Preston, South Ribble and Lancashire City Deal – a £434m investment which will deliver transport, infrastructure and community improvements over the next 10 years.

Coun Cliff Hughes
(pictured above), cabinet member for strategic planning and housing, said: “I’m sympathetic to the residents, and I’m losing a couple of fields near me, but the City Deal is important to the Central Lancashire area, not just South Ribble.

“It is bringing jobs and jobs mean houses. If we are to grow Central Lancashire economically we have to do all these things.

“There is an effort being made over the next decade to create a sustainable area that has jobs ad houses and a mixture of houses, including affordable, so we have to try to get the mix. Sadly, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

“It will enable it to move forward and there is interest from developers to develop it, so it is jobs again.”

The plans relate to a 17 hectare parcel of land, predominantly used for agriculture.

Access to serve the development would initially be via an upgraded access from the Flensburg Way / Penwortham Way roundabout, which would form the first section of a spine road.

Coun Derek Forrest, who sits on South Ribble’s Planning Committee, added: “The new road is hoping to be made available in 2016, so hopefully the development won’t be impacting Bannister Lane.

“Thirty percent of the houses will be affordable and the developers, a policy was asked that the affordable houses are pepper potted around the estate, so they all blend in.”