Bird sanctuary seeks help

Barn Owl Bill
Barn Owl Bill

A much-loved Leyland bird sanctuary could be under threat if more wild-life loving volunteers are not found.

The Barn Owl Bill Owl Rescue Centre at South Brook Road will be forced to stop its shows and demonstrations because of dwindling numbers of volunteers being able to help out.

Bill, 56, and his wife Carole, 61, opened the centre 23 years ago but they are beginning to find it difficult to manage due to Bill’s ailing health.

He said: “We have roughly 60 birds altogether at the centre and we are in desperate need of volunteers to help us out.

“At the moment we have two volunteers, but we ideally need at least six to help with the cleaning of the aviaries and holding cages.

“Carol is currently having to do a lot of the cleaning and it is very hard work.”

With the growing interest in owls and birds of prey, increasing numbers of bird sanctuaries and wildlife centres are being asked to perform demonstrations.

However, without volunteers, Bill and Carole are unable to do as many as they would like.

Bill said: “We have had one young lady call us who is interested in helping us out so far.

“She works though and has said she will help us as much as she can in her free time.

Bill added: “We get calls all the time about budgies, pigeons, pheasants, you name it.

“But we just can’t look after them because of restrictions.

“We opened the centre for love - nobody is employed or gets a wage.

“We do this because we love owls and birds of prey, no other reason.”

If you have any time to spare, call the charity on 07775746416.

Alternatively, visit to find out more details.