Birdman Bill in need of vital volunteers

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A well-known bird sanctuary has put out an SOS - save our sanctuary appeal - for more volunteers.

The Barn Owl Bill Owl Rescue Centre at South Brook Road, Leyland, needs bird-caring folk to help it keep going.

Bill said: “We’re looking for volunteers to help clean, hold birds, feed them, anybody who’s free for displays. We’re looking for four or five people.

“Volunteers have moved on, a couple of people have gone off to university from Myerscough, we rotate people round.

“We’ve got some people that are here years, others just come for eight, ten months or two years and move on.”

He added: “It’s been twenty five years since we did our first rescue and twenty years since we did our first educational talk in schools.”

Bill, 62, and his wife Carole, 65, opened the centre 30 years ago.

He said the much-loved place could be under threat if more wildlife loving volunteers are not found. It could be forced to cancel or even stop its shows and demonstrations because of dwindling numbers of volunteers.

“It is, because we’re relying on four volunteers,” said Bill, who has suffered ailing health in recent years.

“One, Maureen, is really not so well. She’s 71-years-old, she’s not fully fit, but she doesn’t like letting us down.

“She’s had a stroke, got kidney problems and had cancer, she’s gone through hell, but she comes down here and looks after the birds.

“We’re really proud of Maureen, she’s a real trooper.”

If you have any time to spare call the charity on 07775746416, go to or visit it on Facebook and Twitter.