Book looks back into Leyland’s past

PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS.'From left, David Ashmore, Bill Waring and David Hunt have produced a book called  'Leyland Then And Now'
PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS.'From left, David Ashmore, Bill Waring and David Hunt have produced a book called 'Leyland Then And Now'
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TWO Leyland historians have teamed up to produce a new book.

David Hunt and William Waring have produced an evocative pictorial record, showcasing the changing face of Leyland over the last 150 years

William Waring, president of Leyland Historical Society, has spent many years researching all aspects of the history of his birthplace.

Passionate about local history, Dr David Hunt has been the curator of Leyland Museum since 1982, and was the first visiting fellow in Local & Regional History at the University of Central Lancashire.

They start back in 1870 talking about Leyland embarking on nearly a century of phenomenal growth.

One of the stars of the Second Industrial Revolution, Leyland became a world leader in both the rubber and motor vehicle industries and prospered through two world wars.

However, the 1970s saw the beginning of the collapse of large scale industry in Britain, and by 1990 Leyland Cross was presiding over a semi-derelict wasteland before the investment and redevelopment of the mid 1990s began a steady recovery.

This new title from Leyland Historical Society President William Waring delves into the towns tumultuous history, comparing over 45 rare archive images from all corners of Leyland with the same scenes of today, revealing amazing changes and unexpected similarities.

From the Leyland War Memorial and Chapel Brow to mass production at Leyland Motors and the Herbert Street Works, Leyland Then & Now captures the essence of the town and its people, detailing the evolution of the town over the years in a comprehensive and unique new way.

With detailed and informative captions accompanying each pairing of photographs, this new volume from David Hunt and William Waring will awaken nostalgic memories for all who know and love this iconic town.

Among the main features include the people of the past juxtaposed against their twenty-first century descendants.

It also features streets and buildings, shops and businesses, and people at work, all aspects of city life are covered.

Finally there is new colour photography by Leyland Photographic Society member David Ashmore.