Boy thrown off pony as dog gives chase

Ben Geldard with one of his horse-riding awards
Ben Geldard with one of his horse-riding awards
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A youngster has told how he was thrown off his pony as a dog gave chase to the horse down a busy Leyland road.

Ben Geldard, 12, was riding his seven-year-old pony, Brook, with a friend through Paradise Park in Moss Side last Tuesday.

But when a rottweiler approached the pony, poor Ben was thrown off, and the horse and dog made off down Dunkirk Lane.

The Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology College pupil said: “I was just hacking with my friend when my pony was spooked by the dog.

“I didn’t know what had happened and I fell off.

“Then I saw the dog chasing her and it kept jumping up.

“Its owner was shouting its name but it wasn’t responding, and my horse kept kicking out, trying to shoo it away.

“I had to let go of her and she galloped off.”

The pony made her way down Dunkirk Lane followed by the dog, and made it back to her stables at Paul’s Farm, at the end of Dunkirk Lane.

Ben, who has won awards for horse riding and jumping at Longton Riding Club, added: “My friend’s mum saw the horse galloping past - it was on the right hand side of the road.

“It must have been quite a shock.”

“Brook has a few superficial cuts,” he explained. “The vet thinks it’s from the dog bite, but one is a scratch and it looks like she might have fallen in the road.

“Her back left foot has gone through her front leg, so she’s got a couple of stitches there.

“She needs to rest for a few days. And I’ve got a few bruises from the fall, but I’m not hurt badly.”

Initially, South Ribble Police posted an appeal on their Facebook page for witnesses, trying to contact the dog’s owner, but Ben’s dad has told the Guardian that the issue has now been resolved.

Paradise Park is an area of Leyland where dogs are allowed off their leads, but owners are not allowed to let their pets roam the streets without a lead.

Martin Geldard said: “The rottweiler chased the pony all the way down Dunkirk Lane - I guess it was quite a scene!

“We’ve spoken to the owner of the dog and it’s all been sorted.”