Brave Holly is back home after quad crash in Oz

Holly Raper who has now been allowed home after 15 months in hospital
Holly Raper who has now been allowed home after 15 months in hospital

A former Runshaw College pupil who suffered life-threatening injuries in a quad bike accident in Australia is finally home from hospital.

But, the return of 24-year-old Holly Raper to her family home in Whittle-le-Woods is bittersweet as the talented photographer remains in a serious condition after being left in a state of minimal consciousness.

Her injuries have left her unable to communicate and after 15 months in Preston Hospital, her family still don’t know what her future might hold.

Now, her dad Chris has spoken for the first time to thank Holly’s family and many friends for their overwhelming support and efforts in raising money after the accident in December 2011.

He said: “It is wonderful to have Holly home where she belongs – in the house that she grew up in.

“I’m afraid we don’t have a great deal of good news though as she is still in a poorly state.

“She opens her eyes at times, but has no power to communicate and she is confined to her bed or wheelchair.

“She sleeps for 15 to 17 hours a day and when she wakes up she is unable to respond.

“We read her favourite books to her and tell her about what’s been going on and who is coming to visit, but we don’t think anyone really knows what will happen in the future.

“All we know is that things will never be the same again.”

Chris added: “Holly is now fairly stable, but she is always going to be prone to infections as she has still got a tracheotomy in and is in a poorly state.

“She has been a real fighter through it all though and no matter how hard it has been for us, it’s been a lot harder for her.

“I think she would be absolutely amazed by all of the support she has received from her many friends and family.

“All of the messages we received after her accident really kept us going and Holly has been inundated by visitors.

“We cannot thank everyone enough for all their efforts and for their fund-raising.

“People went to enormous efforts and we are really touched.

“It has really meant a lot to us and helped us through such a difficult time.”