‘Bully boy tactic is a waste of everyone’s time’

Wainhomes wants to use Bannister Lane in Farington Moss to temporarily access a proposed 125-homes estate
Wainhomes wants to use Bannister Lane in Farington Moss to temporarily access a proposed 125-homes estate

A housing developer has been accused of using ‘bully-boy tactics’ to push through an unwanted planning application in Leyland.

Wainhomes has submitted an application to South Ribble Council to use Bannister Lane in Farington Moss as a temporary access route to a proposed 125-home estate off Croston Road.

The council’s planning committee had always assured residents that the cul-de-sac would not be used for access, but deferred its decision over the controversial Wainhomes application in February.

Now, because the 13-week deadline has passed, Wainhomes has lodged an appeal to the planning inspector over the council’s non-determination of the application - but at the same time has put forward an almost identical, new application to the council.

Residents in Farington Moss, who opposed to Bannister Lane being used even on a temporary basis, are baffled by the move, and say the developer is trying to push the applications through as quickly as possible.

Simon Roe, 48, from Bannister Lane, said: “The fact that Wainhomes has re-applied without alteration to the original plan shows total disregard for the safety of the local community, and can only be financially motivated.”

This ‘twin tracking’ tactic means that Wainhomes can withdraw the appeal if permission is granted for the new application.

But it also means that residents who complained about the first proposal will have to send their arguments to the council again for them to be considered when a decision is made on the new application.

Mr Roe added: “I am appalled that the council has to accept this twin tracking application, and it is obvious that Wainhomes is hoping people will not re-send their comments as they did for the previous application, to ensure they get their own way.

“I accept that houses have to be built, but surely destroying small local communities, local wildlife and adding to flooding and drainage problems as well as endangering residents and children is unacceptable, and in my mind should be considered as ‘bully boy tactics’ and disallowed.

“They have submitted an application, it has been deferred; to re-submit with no alterations is ridiculous and a waste of everybody’s time and energy

“In this day and age, people should not have to repeatedly object to this type of stupidity, whilst Wainhomes can employ someone to force through its greedy planning applications.”

Wainhomes declined to comment when contacted by the Guardian.