Bus stop signs switched back on

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A Leyland bus company is paying to bring back electronic timetables on its most popular routes.

At the start of this year, Lancashire County Council turned off the features in a bid to save cash, and said people would need to send a 25p mobile phone text message to find out when the next bus was due.

Now, John Fishwick’s and Sons has announced it has restored the facility on its busy 111 route because commuters were unhappy with the move.

Director Jim Hustler said: “We were disappointed when the council turned the notices off, because they were certainly beneficial to the public.

“It takes away that worry that you may have missed the bus, and not everyone knows the exact times that buses are due.

“Also, not everyone has a mobile phone to make use of the text option.”

He added: “We expressed our disappointment and argued the case to LCC.

“We have been in consultation with the council and it’s been a joint effort, and I’m pleased to say it has been a success, because the signs are now back in use again at some stops.”

He said that Fishwick’s was footing some of the bill, along with LCC.

“It’s worth it to keep our customers happy,” Mr Hustler said.

“We see it as being a vital part of providing a good service.”

Bus stops along the 111 route from Leyland to Preston have the electronic notices switched on now, and Fishwick’s is looking to re-introduce the feature at other locations in the near future.

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