Chinese medicine firm grows

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A Chorley business has moved to larger premises in the town in order to accommodate its growing client list and to further grow the business.

Dr ChunHua Yang and Dr Jianqing Tang have moved their traditional Chinese medicine practice from Chapel Street to Market Street to a space with two treatment rooms for clients to relax and discuss their needs and concerns.

The pair have worked in Chorley since 2008 and have been in the UK since 2002.

The new location is larger than the previous one and was chosen as it is easy to access yet private and peaceful enough for them to carry out their work.

Previously to moving to England, both Dr Yang and Dr Tang worked in a large hospital in China delivering alternative medicine alongside more traditional methods of treating patients.

This approach is common in the Far East and Dr Yang hopes that one day it will become the norm in the West.

She said: “We approach a patient’s needs by looking at the whole person, rather than just focusing on the thing that’s wrong with them.

“It’s important for the body to be balanced for it to be healthy and for the immune system to be strong.

“We trained for five years to learn about Chinese medicine and we believe that it can work in harmony with modern medicine for the benefit of the patient.

“We are really pleased with the new premises.”