Power station proposals for business park

Leyland Business Park
Leyland Business Park
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Plans for a new power plant to support the national grid have been put forward.

The application is for the Leyland Business Park, Centurion Way, Farington.

The proposed small scale power plant would be built by Birmingham-based Green Frog Power, which constructs state-of-the-art power stations.

They are spread across the UK and respond in seconds to the demands of the national grid.

Electricity is distributed from power stations to consumers through the national grid.

Most of the UK’s electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, mainly natural gas and coal. A tiny amount is produced from oil. The volume of electricity generated by coal and gas-fired power stations changes each year, with some switching between the two depending on fuel prices.

As part of its national strategy focused on developing new, flexible capacity, the Green Frog is building nine new gas-fuelled power stations across the country.

Green Frog were the first to enter long-term contracts with national grid to build new balancing plant, the first to commission them and the first to build a new gas-fired power plant under the Capacity Market.

David Sheppard, of Green Frog Power, said of the proposal: “It’s there as a back up to the national grid in light of projected issues with the electricity network. Obviously with the power stations closing down at the moment and a shortage of supplies.”

Green Frog has 60 employees, employs 60 sub-contractors across the UK expanding its workforce to around 300.