Toy shop gears up for Dec 25th

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December 25 seems a long time away but one Chorley shop is already busy making preparations.

Hampsons Toys, on Market Street, has just opened its Christmas club.

Owner Michael Hampson said: “We want to help people as everyone is in the same position. We are a family company and want to show the people of the town we care about Chorley.

“Times are hard and it’s all about supporting the people who need it. That’s why we have set up this Christmas club. You can pay weekly, monthly, whatever you can afford, just to put your mind at ease that presents and gifts are safe.

“With all other bills to pay such as utilities I want customers to have the knowledge that Christmas is taken care of.”

Michael is carrying on the tradition of good value his father Jack provided when the shop first opened in 1963.

Orignally on Livesey Street, he said: “I have very fond memories of that shop. My father wanted a sweet shop but toys was the trade that stuck.

“I remember we expanded five terrace houses to make the shop. The first day it opened was a hot summer’s day and we set up bikes outside for the customers.

“He was very well respected in the community and I’d love to replicate that.”

Store manager, Andrew Leathwood, said “Toys are very important to a child.

“Our strength in business is that we provide a wide range of choice and are family oriented. We provide a service that helps the parent and child interact together. At the moment we are busy taking stocks, making displays and purchasing items for the holidays.

“The success we have had is all down to a repeat of good customer service.”