Warning about laptop disposal

BUSY: Neil Watkinson and Tony Sergeant
BUSY: Neil Watkinson and Tony Sergeant
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Second-hand laptops are being sold over the internet with private information still on them, a Leyland businessman has warned.

Neil Watkinson, director of PC Academy on Towngate, says that online sellers and auction websites are not properly wiping data on their computers, leaving photographs and other private information.

He said: “Obviously I can’t name places, but we’ve had three or four people bringing in laptops bought online that have not been completely formatted and cleaned, leaving anything that would have been on originally still there.

“I want to make people aware that other people can sell second-hand laptops, but they are not always clean like they are here.

“We also provide a warranty, and you do not get that online.People should be aware that second-hand is a decent market, from the right players.”

With the recession leading to more people buying second-hand, PC Academy is currently expanding in size. They have increased their stock size, and also offer individual items such as desktops and monitors.

The business, which employs five people, also recently took on an extra member of staff.

Neil said: “We have seen a massive increase in second-hand trade, and are moving more into that market now.”

It is now possible to pick up a second-hand, reconditioned Dell or similar laptop for around £169.

PC Academy is one of just two companies in Leyland offering second-hand computers.

Neil said: “When we do brand new computers, we are competing with the supermarkets, but they are not prepared to offer a service in the second-hand market.”