YOUR SAY: Call to use Lancashire IKEA site for new super hospital

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Chorley MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle has called on health bosses to site Lancashire’s new “super hospital” on land that furniture giant IKEA no longer wants.

He says the shock news that the furniture giant will not be building a new megastore at Cuerden near Bamber Bridge after all could open the door for a purpose-built health facility to replace the ailing hospital services in Preston and Chorley.

The site at Cuerden which was earmarked for IKEA

The site at Cuerden which was earmarked for IKEA

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Health chiefs have already been looking at potential sites near to the motorway network to build a state-of-the-art regional trauma centre. Now the body blow delivered by IKEA could turn out to be a gilt-edged solution to the area’s growing healthcare problems.

Here are some of your views left on our Facebook page.

I think we need to sort out Preston hospital first’
Samantha Joel

Good idea Mr Hoyle put you new hospital in our village then build nice houses on the site of the old hospital in your constituency,
Graham Fell

I’m all for the new hospital.
Graham Fell

We are so lucky to have Chorley Hospital obviously some problems - no 24 A&E - and this is because there are no staff to work in it, no staff? Then train more staff both doctors and nurses, it is not rocket science,
Anthony Still

Good idea.
Carol Amrer

I hope we can have a specialist children’s hospital. Going to Manchester and Liverpool and London is to far and Preston hospital is not equipped for sick children
Melanie Jayne

Good idea a brand new general hospital would be brilliant!
Carole Forshaw

Best suggestion for years !!
Anne Baldwin

If built it must not be PFI funded, it must be public funded have no wish to put future generations stuck with debit before they are even here..
Mark Cookson

Not enough doctors or nursers what’s the point
Jade Tolen

Who is paying for it? They tell us there is no money & PFI just doesn’t work
Nic Lou Newsham

Boris said there would be plenty of spare cash for the NHS after we leave the EU so funding it shouldn’t be a problem... Lol.
April Dwyer

And staff it how? The NHS doesn’t have enough staff to fill the posts in the current hospitals as it is! Absolute nonsense
Emma-Louise Cooke

If they can’t find staff to work in the present hospital how are they going to get them to work in a new one. I was also under the impression one of the objections to Ikea coming was the effect of increased congestion around that area. Surely the problem of increased traffic would be the same whether it be for a hospital or Ikea.
Laureen Hopkinson