By George, don’t miss these jewels in The Crown

The Crown at Worthington
The Crown at Worthington
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The crown at worthington

Platt Lane, Worthington

01257 421354

Driving past old favourite, The Crown at Worthington, on Platt Lane, my dining partner and I decided on an impromptu Saturday lunch date and, on our arrival, were met with the usual menu alongside the weekend’s special, the set St George’s Day deal.

The Crown at Worthington

The Crown at Worthington

The sum of £10.95 would get us two courses and, with our bellies rumbling, we had chosen our pairings before the waitress had returned to our table with drinks.

For starters, my partner across the table had gone for a masculine black pudding on English muffin with mustard sauce, while I opted for the mushroom pepper pot – a piping hot dish of button mushrooms, peppers and onions in a creamy sauce complete with crusty bread for dipping.

Taking my cue from the silence opposite me, it appeared that the mammoth piece of locally sourced pudding was going down well and my dish was disappearing just as fast.

In between mouthfuls, I heard a “full of flavour” and “really rich”, but I was too engrossed in the little pot of heaven sitting before me.

The Crown at Worthington

The Crown at Worthington

Knowing that my main course wasn’t too far away and not wanting to fill myself up, I left a little but not because there was anything wrong.

The menu boasted some great British favourites and what could be better than good old fish and chips and Lancashire hotpot?

Both portions were ginormous in both size and taste, but we powered through wonderfully cooked potatoes, succulent meat and tasty fish.

Hopefully on our next visit these dishes find their way on to the main menu.