Cafe owner Pam is top of the pots

Sandra Lea and Pam Campbell at Coppers Tea Rooms in Leyland
Sandra Lea and Pam Campbell at Coppers Tea Rooms in Leyland

Pam Campbell is just potty about teapots!

The mum-of-two has more than 100 of them in her tearoom cafe in Leyland, and admits she has developed a bit of an obsession over the years.

“You know how some people like shoes and handbags?” she said. “Well, I’ve just got to have loads of teapots.”

She started a small collection a year before opening Coppers Tea Rooms, on Golden Hill, but soon got the itch to bargain hunt for more once was it opened 18 months ago.

“I did go a bit mad,” she confesses. “People always asked about them and seemed to like them, so it made we want even more. It just encouraged my habit.

“I buy most of them from car boots and second-hand shops, and my daughter Jessica goes on the internet for me and buys them off eBay.

“They are for sale in the tea shop, and it’s good when someone buys one because I’m starting to run out of room now, so it just gives me an excuse to buy another to replace it.”

She adds: “Customers have given me teapots in the past as well, and I get them as presents for my birthday and Christmas, so they’re not all for sale. And I keep some of them at home incase anyone comes round for tea.”

Her favourites include a Keep Calm and Carry On teapot, which she looks at when she’s feeling the pressure of her busy tea room, and the policemen-themed pots, because the shop is in Leyland’s old police station.

“There’s also a Tetley tea folk one which I like,” she said. “I got it from a second- hand shop in Leyland, and I thought the price said £1.50, but it was actually £11.50.

“I ended up paying £10 for it, which is the most money I’ve spent on one teapot.

“I love every single one of them, though.”

The family, which also includes Pam’s husband Tim and son Liam, are currently having work done to transform the upstairs of the building into a new cocktail lounge, and will be serving cocktails from teapots in the old court rooms.

They trailed the ‘cocktails in teapots’ idea at the town’s summer Leyland Live music festival event, and hope to do the same for the recently announced Leyland Christmas event on November 30.

It means Pam will be able to buy even more teapots for the new side of the business, which is set to open in time for Christmas.