Call made for animals to be banned from Bent Lane Green

Councillor Sue Jones at the play area on Bent Lane, Leyland
Councillor Sue Jones at the play area on Bent Lane, Leyland
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Calls are being made for new ‘dogs on leads’ orders to be extended to another fouling hotspot in Leyland.

The Guardian has previously reported how South Ribble Council plans to extend its Dog Control Orders to play areas and open spaces across the borough.

Pets will be banned from entering certain areas, particularly playgrounds, whereas they will just need to be kept on leads in other places.

But a resident living on Bent Lane is asking why the field near his home, Bent Lane Green, hasn’t been included in the list.

Trevor Williams, 66, said: “I don’t mind responsible dog owners, but fouling is a real problem in the area, and especially on Bent Lane Green.

“Owners let their dogs off the leads and they run off and foul, sometimes without their owners realising.

“They even run onto the street and leave a mess, and the owners don’t clean up after them.”

The field has a piece of play equipment for children which Mr Williams says is well used in the school holidays, but it isn’t fenced off and dogs are allowed to roam free.

“I wouldn’t take my grandchildren there,” he said.

“It isn’t designated as a play area so it isn’t fenced off, but children play football on the main field too, and the dog mess is a real problem.

“The council will come and clean it up if you call them, but it really needs nipping in the bud now.”

His local councillor, Sue Jones, raised the issue with the council, and was told that the Bent Lane play area is due to be refurbished in the future, and will consequently be fenced off and subject to the Dog Control Orders.

She told the Guardian: “I am a bit disappointed with the response because we haven’t been given a clue as to when this work will be done, so until then, nothing has changed for the residents of Bent Lane.

“The problem is that the Green is so large, the dogs run off and the owners don’t always see where they leave a mess.

“What we really want is for the whole Green to be fenced off.

“But it’s considered too large compared to the small play area to do that.”

Coun Peter Mullineaux, the council’s cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Street Scene, said notices are due to be put up at the chosen sites soon, and people will then have six weeks to comment on the new rules to the council.

He said: “The areas which have been selected are the main concern at the moment.

“Unfortunately, Bent Lane is not what we consider to be a play area with a lot of apparatus for children.

“There used to be more there, but it was vandalised a couple of years ago and taken down.

“If residents are keen to see the Dog Control Orders enforced there, we will listen to their ideas, but this six week consultation is mainly for people to have their say on the chosen sites.”

The new notices, due to be put up in the next couple of weeks in parks such as Farington and Worden Park, will give details about how people can contact the council during the public consultation.

The council has confirmed the Bent Lane play area is on the list for improvements, but that there are no time scales as yet.