Call to get involved as Festival fever begins

St Ambrose Players at last year's festival
St Ambrose Players at last year's festival

Preparations are well underway for this year’s Leyland Festival.

The popular spectacle returns to Worden Park on Saturday, June 21.

More than 12,000 people enjoyed last year’s American-themed event, which included everything from a surf simulator to a Man Vs Food competition and even a rodeo at Leyland Market.

Organisers have already had lots of inquiries about taking part in the parade, running stalls and putting on entertainment at the festival.

A meeting is being held at 6pm next Tuesday, February 11, at The Railway Pub in Leyland for people to find out more about getting involved.

A rallying call has also gone out for volunteers .

People are needed for a range of tasks, such as helping with the parade, showing people where to go, picking up litter and setting everything up.

Committee member Jo Worsfold said: “Any sort of help is much appreciated. We couldn’t run the festival without the volunteers.”

Last year’s festival raised thousands of pounds and the Rotary Club of Leyland, on behalf of Leyland Festival Committee, presented £5,500 to charities including Rosemere Cancer Foundation, Sue Ryder and Galloway’s Society For The Blind.

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland also received a donation to recognise their involvement with the festival.

The remainder of the money raised is being used to establish a new Festival Spirit Fund, which will benefit good causes.

It is designed to help organisations in South Ribble to contribute to the festival and benefit their local community.

Groups wishing to get involved with the festival can follow a simple application process, providing information about what they want to do and why.

To find out more about the new fund, volunteering at the festival or taking part, contact the festival committee on 01772 625441 or