Calls to move zebra crossing in the town

'Change is needed': Coun Derek Forrest is urging something to be done on Hough Lane in Leyland town centre
'Change is needed': Coun Derek Forrest is urging something to be done on Hough Lane in Leyland town centre

Pedestrians have called out for a zebra crossing in Leyland town centre to be moved - for safety reasons.

Residents have complained to Lancashire County Council about the crossing outside the Gables pub on Hough Lane, saying it’s located too close to the mini roundabout outside Asda.

But because there have been no reported personal injury collisions involving pedestrians in the last five years, the council has refused to take action.

It also says that the crossing serves as a cross point for School Lane and Towngate, and moving it would likely lead to people refusing to detour their route to a zebra crossing further up the road.

This, it argues, would result in pedestrians crossing near the mini roundabout anyway, but without the protection of a crossing.

Now, a local councillor is calling for a really drastic move - to get rid of the pavements and crossing altogther, and mix motorists with pedestrians.

Coun Derek Forrest, who represents Leyland Central at South Ribble Council, says the idea is already well established abroad, and thinks Hough Lane would be an ideal place to implement it in Leyland.

He explained: “In some areas of Holland, there are no pavements or pedestrian crossings or road markings; cars and people all use the space together.

“The roads are levelled out and it actually makes the area a lot safer, because everyone understands that they need to be careful and aware of their surroundings.”

Coun Forrest, who also works on Hough Lane running his business, Solicitor Direct, added: “Another benefit would be that cars would only come down Hough Lane to access the shops and businesses, rather than using it as a through-road.

“I know that it would need a fair amount of money behind it though.”

LCC said it is something which could be considered, if enough people want to see it happen.

Rachel Crompton, the county council’s highways manager for South Ribble, said: “We would be happy to look into a shared use scheme for Hough Lane. “We are not currently working on a scheme, but if there is strong support from the community, then it is something we would consider.”