Calls to tidy up waste ground

Action: David Martin, Ann Martin, Megan Wilson and James Wilson are demanding action over a delapidated plot of land
Action: David Martin, Ann Martin, Megan Wilson and James Wilson are demanding action over a delapidated plot of land
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A group of Leyland residents are demanding action over a plot of land where they say hypodermic needles and mattresses have been dumped.

The land and four garages on Pasture Field Close, off Dunkirk Lane, is owned by Wymott Prison and residents say it is a target for vandals and fly-tippers.

They are now demanding action after a string of incidents, including needles being found and buildings falling into a state of disrepair.

David Martin, 70, lives on the street and has gathered a petition of over 50 names in a bid to get something done.

He said: “We have found needles in a garage which the police have had to come and move.

“We also had a vagrant in there and the police had to move him on. There is a big mattress which has been dumped, a wall is falling down, and one garage has no roof at all because youngsters have been playing on it.

“It is becoming a dumping ground and something needs to be done.”

David says he has been in touch with officials at the prison for over two years about the problem, but no action has been taken.

He said: “This is an ongoing saga.

“Over two years ago we called Wymott and told them there were some repairs that needed doing. Although all of the houses on the estate are privately owner there are four garages that the prison still own and the property surrounding them is a mess.

“Someone from the prison came to have a look but nothing happened. There were emails backward and forward but still nothing. It just went on and on.

“They have come and moved some rubbish and trees and pushed them into two corners, but they never came back to move it.”

David, together with wife Ann and fellow resident James Wilson, say they are determined to be heard, and have gathered a petition together.

David said: “We have been around the estate to get signatures for the petition and a lot of people feel very strongly about this.

“Some people have said that if they had the chance they would buy the garages off the prison.

“It really is time something was done. It is making the whole place look untidy and it doesn’t help the estate at all. I got no reply to a letter I sent earlier this year and we want to show them that this won’t go away.”

A Prisons Service spokesperson said: “Staff from HMP Wymott will be viewing the site as a matter of priority and will take action as appropriate.”