Carjacker jailed for four years

Andrew Hodgkinson
Andrew Hodgkinson
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A man who dragged two women from their cars in terrifying carjacking incidents has been sentenced to more than four years in prison.

Andrew Hodgkinson, 29, of St Gregory’s Place, Chorley, was charged with robbery, dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, common assault and affray.

He first struck on April 22 when he dragged a woman from her Ford Focus outside the Tesco Express store, in Leyland Lane, Leyland.

He then stole the car and abandoned it in the Common Bank area of Chorley before attempting to set fire to it.

Less than 24 hours later he struck again - this time targeting a teenager who was sat in her car in Froom Street.

Again, he threatened her and forced her to hand over the vehicle before escaping.

The girl, who was left shaken by the ordeal, rang 999 and police officers who traced the car to the Liptrott area where they arrested Hodgkinson, pictured.

DC Dave Nuttall said: “The first woman suffered minor injuries, but was left very shaken. The incident took place during the day whilst she was outside the Tesco Extra store in Leyland Lane.

“The offender dragged her from her car and then stole it before trying to set fire to it in an attempt to destroy any forensic evidence. In the second incident he targeted a teenager who was sat in a car in the late afternoon, early evening.

“He attempted to get her out of the car and threatened her - forcing her to hand it over. He then took off and was pursued through Chorley to the Liptrott area by police and he abandoned the car.

“Police officers gave chase and he was arrested in the area.”

DC Nuttall said carjacking incidents were very rare in Chorley and Leyland.

He added: “Due to the severity of the incidents we knew it was important to gather as much evidence as possible in order to secure a conviction .”

Hodgkinson was jailed for four years six months at Preston Crown Court.