Cash and booze stolen in social club break-in

Towngate Social Club owner, Terry Burns
Towngate Social Club owner, Terry Burns
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Thieves stole £700 in cash and expensive alcohol from a Leyland social club during a night time break-in.

Thugs targeted Towngate Social Club in Towngate during Wednesday night, and grabbed money from the tills, safe and games machines.

They also took 15 bottles of branded vodka, whiskey and rum.

Owner of the club, Terry Burns, said: “All the cash went. They got in through a window at the back, which obviously needs to be made more secure. But it’s like closing the stable door once the horse has bolted.

“It caused a lot of disruption. We had to cancel Thursday’s music night which is normally really busy.

“But we had a lot of loyal members who rallied round and helped us tidy up so we could re-open on Friday night, and I’d really like to thank them for that.”

Terry opened the club just over a year ago after the demise of the Royal Naval Association Club.

He added: “It’s upsetting, we’ve put a lot of work into this, but it’s just a setback.

“It’s a blip, and it won’t stop us carrying on.”

A police spokesman said: “The offenders gained access into the yard and climbed the staircase and forced entry into the club.

“Once inside, they managed to open the safe and they smashed the games machines.

“They got £700 in cash from the tills, safe, machines and store room.

“They also took eight bottles of vodka, four whiskey bottles and three bottles of rum.

“They made off on wasteland on foot.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the police’s dedicated non-emergency number, 101.