CCTV plans to deter travellers from play fields

'Never again': Members of the community with the rubbish and rubble left behind by travellers in 2009
'Never again': Members of the community with the rubbish and rubble left behind by travellers in 2009

A playing field which was destroyed by travellers could be in line to get CCTV to prevent unwanted guests in future.

Talks about how to deter travellers from returning to the BTR fields, off Stanifield Lane in Farington, have been circulating for years, and a planning application for the camera has finally been submitted.

The fields and football pitches were completely ruined when 100 caravans set up camp in September 2009, and it cost Farington Parish Council more than £7,000 to clean up the tonnes of rubble and broken glass that was left behind.

It took two years for the land to be repaired properly, and in November last year, Leyland United Football Club took over the site to allow youngsters to play on there again.

Now, the parish council has requested planning permission to install the CCTV camera, which will be wired up to the neighbouring Leyland Business Park if granted approval.

In a document sent to the South Ribble Council, clerk of Farington Parish Council, Sue Whittam, said: “Farington Parish Council wishes to put CCTV on the field because a few years ago we had travellers on the site and they caused over £7,500 worth of damage.”

She said the travellers carried out a criminal offence to access the land, and that having CCTV footage would have helped police to remove them faster.

She added: “The local football team has put a great deal of time, effort and resources into restoring the pitches and it would be terrible if travellers or any unwanted people destroyed the area again.

“Recognising the need to work together as a community, our neighbours on the business park – the Ainscough Group – have kindly agreed to link our CCTV into their system so it can be monitored by their security guards next door.

“Farington Parish Council is doing all it can to protect the field so that the local community can use and enjoy it.”

Leyland United FC also want to improve the facilities with showers and changing rooms, and has spent time and money into leveling out the playing field after the heavy rubble left divots in the ground.

Argus Security Systems will install a pole and camera if planning permission is granted.