Champion ambition of Leyland pool club

Site of the proposed Leyland Pool Club
Site of the proposed Leyland Pool Club
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Exciting plans for a new 1,000 membership pool club in Leyland have been unveiled.

And with a strong emphasis on youth, organisers say they even hope the facilities will one day produce a world champion.

Business partners Phil Brierley and Gerard Byrne have submitted plans for the Leyland Pool Club to South Ribble Council.

They are proposing to transform a nursery school at the rear of 90 School Lane.

Gas fitter Phil and taxi driver Gerard are both keen pool players and say there is a real need for such a venture in the area.

Phil, who is Leyland born and bred, said there were only two other clubs like it in the area – one in Preston and another in Wigan.

“There’s nothing round here,” he said. “Beyond that the nearest is in Blackpool.

“Me and Ged have played pool for a long time and know a lot of players. We know exactly what we can offer.”

Phil, 36, saidd: “Myself and Ged have been playing pool for years and years and are always going out and about to various clubs and there’s never been anything like this in this area. There used to be a snooker club where Tesco is now.

“A lot of talent is coming through. Leyland hasn’t got that because they haven’t got an option to go anywhere.

“It’s providing jobs for the local area and giving youth somewhere to go - whether it’s students at lunchtime - and giving these young lads a chance to come through.

“We’re looking at having a decent site where parents can go and watch them.”

Phil said he expects the club to have around 12 to 14 pool tables, dartboards and a poker playing area.

“There’s a lot of call for poker and there’s not a lot of places where people can go and play darts,” he said.

He continued: “We’re looking to provide a few pool teams for various leagues.

“We’ll be looking to create an under 18s league so the youth aren’t playing against maybe adults all the time.

“We want to be a family club. There’s going to be tellies there with sports channels. Parents can go in and watch a football game.

“Youths will be supervised, we want to bring the youth through.”

He said the popularity of pool was huge and that such a club would be welcomed.

“Without a shadow of a doubt,” said Phil. “It’s crying out for it.

“We’ve been talking to lads for ages. Ged’s been looking for premises for seven or eight years now. This one’s come about and the building’s fantastic.”

The new club will be a membership club.

Phil added: “Over time the number is going to be about 1,000. In the first 12 months we’re looking at between 500 and 700.”

And he said: “Our long term dream is we could have a world champion that started playing from our club.”