Cherry tree uprooted for project to begin

Joan Lanford at the Cherry tree on Stanifield Lane in Farington
Joan Lanford at the Cherry tree on Stanifield Lane in Farington
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An historic tree is about to be pulled down to make way for a new nature development.

A large cherry tree on land between Stanifield Lane and Mill Street, Farington, will be felled in the next two weeks, as part of bigger plans to regenerate the area.

The project, put forward by group of residents and supported by the parish, borough and county councils, is to mark the 150th anniversary of the cotton mill famine in Farington.

The grant-funded, £30,000 scheme will involve new seating areas, plants and a time capsule buried beneath a 14ft ‘shuttle’, like those used in the cotton mills.

Historian and Farington resident Joan Langford said: “The work can’t start until the tree is removed, because the roots are coming up under the tarmac and cracking the ground.

“Some people have complained, but it’s a very old tree, and it would have to be felled in a few years anyway.

“It would seem a shame to put all this money and effort into a project, to then have to dig it up in a few years.”

She added: “Most people have said it’s a pity to see the tree go, but they understand it’s necessary to take the next step forward.

“It’ll be great to see the area brought back to life.”

Another tree will be planted as part of the project, which will be finished in time for the famine anniversary in September.

Work building the shuttle is now under way, and the project team and local residents are coming up with ideas about what to put in the time capsule.

To get involved, contact Coun Mike Otter on 01772 423623 or email