Children warned of danger at brook

Cricketer's Brook, Leyland
Cricketer's Brook, Leyland

Residents living near a Leyland brook are calling for signs to be installed to warn children of the dangers of falling in the water.

Local people on Parkgate Drive have been worried about the waste water flowing parallel to their street beside Worden Park.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, sent in this photograph and recalled how items such as sanitary products were seen in the water.

He said: “I think that a sign should be put up along Cricketers’ Brook to warn parents not to allow their children to play in the Brook.

“I have heard that it is contaminated.

“To date nothing has been done.

“I am really concerned that some child is going to fall ill if they go in there.

“I also worry about the impact it has having these things in the water courses.”

A spokesman for South Ribble Council confirmed that they were aware of talk about some signs being put up.

However, they were taking the advice of the Environment Agency and signs were not needed.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “There is a history of pollution into Cricketers’ Brook as the result of wrongly connected pipes from nearby properties.

“The Environment Agency and United Utilities are working to inform residents about how they can prevent water pollution from their home as well as identify how pollution can be minimised.”

“More information on wrong connections can be found by visiting our website at”