Chippy set to get new lease of life with Indian takeover

The site of the former Th'owd Chippy on Towngate, Leyland
The site of the former Th'owd Chippy on Towngate, Leyland

Forget Th’owd Chippy – a new takeaway concept is coming to Leyland.

Townsfolk have been shocked to discover that a popular chip shop on Towngate has shut its doors, and a sign has been put up in its place announcing that ‘The Indians are coming!”

Bizarrely, a notice right next to it reads ‘Cod’s Plaice’ and the Guardian has now learnt that a new chip shop AND an Indian takeaway are both opening at the site of the former Th’owd Chippy.

Rezaul Majid, who is behind the idea, said: “The people who ran Th’owd Chippy are retiring, but it was a very popular place, so we didn’t really want to take the chip shop away.

“We’re keeping some of the staff on and the recipes have been passed on to them, so that should keep the customers happy.

“We didn’t want to change the food on offer, but we’re giving it a refurbishment.

“Next door, we’re opening the Indian, which will be called Mumbai Masala.

“The two takeaways will share the same preparation space in the back, but will be very separate apart from that.”

Rezaul, who is from Preston, added: “I’ve grown up in the restaurant trade, so I’ve got that passion for Indian cuisine.

“We’ve been looking for a place in Leyland for a while because we want to bring something a bit different to the town.

“We’ll be offering the typical Indian meals, but we want to provide some healthy options too, because I think people are very health-conscious these days, so that’s something a bit new.

“We’re hoping to open the chip shop by the end of February and the Indian by March.”

People have been speculating about the changes on the Leyland Forum website.

A member called ‘Filmoss’ wrote: “I see the ‘Th’owd Chippy’ has closed and is reopening as an Indian takeaway!


He also said: “What won’t have helped the chippy’s cause is the licensing laws that enable the pubs to open much later than they used to.

“Not many drinkers visited the chippy on their way home because it didn’t stay open until 2.30am. Now the reasons may be purely down to retirement but the fact that a lot of his trade used to come from hungry revellers after the old last orders wouldn’t have helped I guess.

“Not to mention Aldi and its vehicle registration number camera technology that put paid to people very briefly using their car park while they nipped in the chippy (not many other places to park round there).”

He added: “Not sure how long it was a chippy for but I know it has been there since I was knee high to


“Most chip shops usually become Chinese takeaways and so an Indian taking over is quite novel I guess.”