Chorley and Leyland roadworks, w/c November 23

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Roadworks taking place in Chorley and Leyland this week, and up until the dates shown.

Carrington Road, Chorley, November 25

Silvester Road, Chorley, November 25

Thirlmere Drive, Withnell, November 26

Longfield Avenue, Coppull, November 26

Fowler Lane, Leyland, November 26

Leadale Road, Leyland, November 26

Bannister Green, Chorley, November 27

Broadfield Drive, Leyland, November 27

Cowling Brow, Chorley, November 27

Bannister Lane, Eccleston, November 27

Barmskin Lane, Chorley, November 27

School Lane, Leyland, November 27

Highfield Road, Adlington, November 30

Southport Road, Chorley, November 30

Meadowcroft, Euxton, November 30

Roscoe Lowe Brow, Chorley, November 30

Springfield Road, Chorley, November 30

Saville Street, Chorley, November 30

Collingwood Road, Chorley, December 1

Leeson Avenue, Charnock Richard, December 1

Clematis Close, Chorley, December 3

Chancery Road, Chorley, December 3

Stanning Street, Leyland, December 4

Railway Road, Chorley, December 4

Church Street, Adlington, December 9

Bleasdale Close, Leyland, December 11

Park Avenue, Euxton, December 28

Langdale Road, Worden Lane and Holt Brow, Leyland, December 31

Flensburg Way, Leyland, September 2016

Moss Lane, Leyland, September 2016