Claims that tenants are sharing shower facilities - as homes are not suitable

Peter and Thomas McDonald in Jubilee Court, Leyland
Peter and Thomas McDonald in Jubilee Court, Leyland
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An angry Leyland man has accused a housing association of failing to meet the needs of his 75-year-old father - and other tenants in the town.

Peter McDonald’s father has Alzheimer’s, and was looked after by his wife until she passed away in January.

Pensioner Thomas has appealed to New Progress Housing to be transferred from his flat in Hennel House, Walton-le-Dale, to be closer to his family in Leyland.

But Peter has complained to the association after it tried to move the elderly widower into a flat which is not suitable for his limited mobility.

He also says New Progress has continued to send letters to his dad with his mum’s name still included on the envelope, and claims other tenants have told of their need to share showering facilities because their accommodation is not suitable for them either.

Peter, 50, from Moss Side, said: “Hennel House has a floor-level walk-in shower, and we were assured the new flat in Jubilee Court, off West Paddock in Leyland, would have the same amenities.

“The flat was undergoing an asbestos survey and refurbishment so we couldn’t see it before we got the keys, but we were told it would be suitable for my dad.

“But the shower cubicle gas a 20 inch step to get inside, which my dad can’t manage on his own. It’s diabolical.

“I can’t believe that the organisation didn’t know my dad’s requirements. He has been a tenant for 20 years and this is the treatment he gets?

“They are very unsympathetic to my dad’s needs.

“He has just lost his wife, he wants to be close to his family. And what’s more, they’re still sending him letters with my mum’s name on the envelope, even though she died in January. It’s really upsetting for him.

“It’s terrible.”

Thomas, who has two sons, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren all living in Leyland, is said to be feeling ‘stressed’ by the

“We just feel we’re at loggerheads with New Progress now,” Peter said.” They’re just not keeping in touch with us.

“We keep contacting them but we’re told people are on holiday. It’s just excuses.

“This is an organisation which represents a large group of people, and I just feel let down by the whole thing.

“If my dad had been left to deal with this himself, he would have just given up and been stuck at Hennel House.”

Peter also claims that tenants currently living in Leyland’s Jubilee Court are also experiencing problems.

He explained: “When I spoke to some of the residents at Jubilee Court they said they were having to share shower facilities because the accommodation wasn’t suitable for some of them. That’s not right at all – there’s no dignity in that.

“I was so shocked when one of the neighbours told me that. I couldn’t believe there are people there who are even more worse off than my dad.”

Peter’s battle with New Progress has now resulted in him requesting the association pays for work to make his dad’s new bathroom in Jubilee Court suitable for his limited mobility.

“Initially I was told New Progress would fund the job, which they should because this is their mistake,” he said.

“But now they’re saying they will only pay for half of the work. They have said they will pay £600 towards the materials, but we have to fund the labour.”

Thomas is still living at Hennel House, only paying rent for that property, but the family wants the issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

When appraoched by the Guardian for a response, Tammy Bradley, operations director for housing, community and support services at Progress Housing Group, said: “We are already fully aware and are working with Mr McDonald and his family to try and find a resolution through our normal