Collapsed building ‘is now death trap’

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Urgent calls have been made to finally fix a collapsed Leyland takeaway after railing and fences securing the site were torn down.

Residents living near the Shadh takeaway on Chapel Brow, which has been boarded up since 2009, have warned the dangerous site is an accident waiting to happen.

Protective boards surrounding the building have been taken away and now the site remains open, with piles of bricks, metal poles and access to the building open to all.

Two-and-a-half years ago a two-foot deep hole appeared on Chapel Brow after a sewer collapsed.

The sewer work was resolved but talks have continued with owners of the takeaway and their insurance company to get the building fixed, but to no success.

Pip Flynn, who lives on nearby Fleetwood Street, said: “The bomb site is now open for all to enter at risk.

“The metal railings have been removed and the wooden fencing has now fallen down.

“I threw some kids out of there on Sunday but it’s only a matter of time before someone gets injured.

“It beggars belief that this hasn’t been sorted yet.

“Maybe it will take an injury or death to sort it out.”

The whole of the street was evacuated, including restaurants, businesses and residents, and there were fears exposed gas pipes could explode.

The takeaway was braced shortly after but despite continued calls for action, nothing has been done.

South Ribble Council say they continue to monitor the site to try ensure it remains safe, but have urged the takeaway owners and their insurers to finally fix the damage.

Councillor Cliff Hughes, South Ribble Borough Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for Strategic Planning and Housing, said: “Yet again we’ve been out to secure the fencing around the building to ensure it is safe and posing no threat to the public.

“This really is a ridiculous state of affairs.

“I’m just about at the end of my tether with this.

“I urge the owners of the building, their insurers Aviva and their agents to take up our invitations to get round the table to sort out fixing this disgraceful eyesore.

“They owe it to the neighbouring residents, who have had to put up with this mess for far too long.”

The Guardian has attempted on numerous occasions to get in touch with the owners of the takeaway, but have so far been unable to contact them.

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