Collapsed road still closed because of ‘further complications’

Part of the road has collapsed in Slater Lane, Leyland, because of a sewer problem
Part of the road has collapsed in Slater Lane, Leyland, because of a sewer problem

A busy Leyland road has been closed for more than a week because of complications with the underground sewer.

United Utilities moved into Slater Lane last Monday after part of the road collapsed on Saturday,
January 31.

They said the work was expected to last no longer than two to three days, but 10 days on, the road is still shut.

United Utilities spokesperson, Polly Rourke, said the company is “really sorry” about the delay, and added: “The damage to the sewer and the road has been worse that we thought and the fact that it’s happened close to the junction of a number of pipes has further complicated the repair.

“We need to use a specialist contractor who should be on site today or Wednesday, and we expect the road to re-open by the end of the week.”

She also thanked residents for their patience, but Moss Side councillor Michael Green says people are frustrated by the road closure.

The 111 and 115 buses are being diverted.

It’s the third time in six years that the road has collapsed, close to the junction with School Lane.

Last week, Ms Rourke said: “It appears that there was a previous collapse close to the same spot some time ago. However, as there are a number of pipes at this location it may have been a separate issue.

“We always carry out repairs to the highest possible standard and as a precaution will be carrying out a thorough CCTV survey of the surrounding pipes to ensure there are no other potential problems.

“The road will be need to closed for a short time while the sewer is excavated and repaired.

“After this, temporary two-way traffic lights will be installed until the road surface is fully re-instated.”