Column: In the pink at the speed of a sloth for Race for Life

Race for life
Race for life

Safe to say, I’m not a runner. I’m not sure anyone is really - I’m thinking some just like pain more than others.

Despite this, I have been pounding the pavements at the crack of dawn ahead of the Race for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research.

This is close to my heart.

I lost my mum to breast cancer but it is also a mission to try to get fit.

I promised myself 2018 is the year.

Of course, being me, I left that actual small matter of training for the run until very last minute.

I would rather do almost anything else - lift weights, eat overcooked broccoli, take my nieces to one of those insufferable soft play places without ear defenders - you get the idea.

I already knew my prevarication skills were champion-level.

I write novels and I’ve been known to rearrange entire rooms of furniture, redesign the garden and eat three bags of crisps and drink ten cups of tea before sterilising the entire house and finally sitting down to type, at which point I usually end up on Twitter.

So the exercise of getting changed into running gear, tying up my hair, fiddling with my phone to get appropriate music, and setting up Strava (other running trackers are available) has practically taken me 15 years.

I know that because I wrote a column 15 years ago saying I needed to start running.

As other running hopefuls will know, it is as much a mental as physical battle, to get you actually out the door.

But finishing the run itself is very rewarding - even if like me you stop a few times and propel yourself along at the speed of a sloth - actually slower than that.

The most satisfying bit is definitely registering your run on said running tracker.

On my second run ever it failed to record, much to my chagrin, which my brother confirmed meant it didn’t happen. I was gutted.

I want to say I’m now a committed runner - I can certainly understand the addiction - and will continue to try.

But the reality is that until I can overcome the irrational hang-ups of being seen in daylight hours wearing Lycra, and with a face the shade of a margarita pizza, it will be crack of dawn only - with the exception of Race for Life where is it quite the thing to sport bright pink all over.

Wish me luck!

Nicola is taking part in race for Life, Preston, to raise money for Cancer Research. You can sponsor her HERE