Couple enjoy ‘special day’ a decade after finding love a few doors away

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For Louise Henshaw, Jerome Watt was just the boy next door....or rather down the street.

The couple met in May 2003 when they lived just doors away from each other in Deepdale and, after their first date at the Anderton Arms in Fulwood, quickly became inseparable.

Louise Henshaw & Jerome Watt PHOTOS: Donna Clilfford

Louise Henshaw & Jerome Watt PHOTOS: Donna Clilfford

Jerome isa former England Youth footballer who is now a postman and Louise is customer support manager at the Evening Post.

“In the first few years we were together Jerome spent a lot of time away touring the country with his football team and travelling to various countries to compete in tournaments with the England squad,” says Louise.

Two years after their first date the couple moved into their first home in Rowangate, Fulwood and three months later, Jackson, a black and white King Charles Spaniel puppy, became part of the family.

And in 2009 they were joined by daughter Amelia Susan followed by Esme Louise just over two years later.

On January 28, 2011, a little birthday girl had a surprise for Louise.

“I was five months pregnant with Esme and it was Amelia’s 2nd birthday and it was my birthday two days later,” says Louise. “Amelia came into my room with a beautifully wrapped square box and said she had a present for me in which I replied that it wasn’t my birthday and it was hers but she told me Daddy wanted me to open it now.

“Jerome and I had been together for eight years and knew a wedding would be on the cards at some point but this was a complete surprise, though not to my family and friends who knew Jerome was to propose and were just awaiting the call.”

On May 24, 10 years after they met, Louise and Jerome said “I Do” at Garstang Country Hotel & Golf Club in an intimate ceremony in front of 50 guests.

“We married on the weekend of our 10th anniversary as a couple,” says the new Mrs Watt. “It was so special that our two amazing little girls could share our day.

“On the morning of the wedding Jerome sent me a huge bouquet of flowers and a beautiful rose gold watch which was just lovely .

“The most memorable moment of my day was seeing Jerome for the first time. He looked so smart and was very, very emotional, bless him.

“Both our families play a huge part in our lives, and having them all together in one room sharing such a special day was amazing,

“I wouldn’t have changed any part of it at all.”