Craig’s new book should really get you thinking...

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Superstitions and emotions are the focus of a Leyland author’s newest book.

Body language expert Craig Baxter, who has already had two of his books published on Amazon including an international best-seller about singer Michael Jackson, has spent the last 10 months researching and writing ‘Human Behaviour: A Fascinating Look at Emotions, Superstitions and Body Language’.

Craig Baxter at home with his new book

Craig Baxter at home with his new book

He said: “I started writing a section for the new book about emotions, and how we can recognise things like manipulation.

“When I started researching the emotion of fear, that lead me to read up on superstitions, and I found it so interesting how many people still hold those kind of beliefs.

“One of my friends can’t help but salute a magpie, and if she forgets, it affects her behaviour for the rest of the day.

“She thinks it will bring her bad luck, so she’s more careful and aware of what she’s doing.

“I also found that some airlines don’t have a seat or a row 13, because they don’t want to add to people’s fear of flying.

“I just think it’s incredible. It’s such a fascinating area.”

Craig, of Yewlands Avenue, was able to buy his first house this year thanks to the successes of ‘Behind The Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told The World’ and ‘Unmasked: A Revealing Look At The Fascinating World Of Body Language’.

He said: “I felt that there was sufficient interest for me to expand a little more upon the intriguing world of human behaviour.

“Body language does play an integral role in everyday life, and has earned a section in my new book, but there are two other intriguing areas that I added in the book – emotions and superstitions.”

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