‘I can’t come to court - I’ve got the crypto bug!’

Work goes on at the United Utilities laboratory
Work goes on at the United Utilities laboratory

A court was told that a man was unable to attend a hearing because he was in hospital suspected of suffering from the effects of the bug cryptosporidium.

Stuart Hilton, 42, of Ibbison Court, Blackpool, was due to appear at court accused of stealing £129 of electrical goods from Asda.

Defence lawyer, Kathryn Jamieson-Sinclair, said that a friend of her client’s had informed her he was unable to attend because he was in hospital.

Mrs Jamieson Sinclair said: “I am informed he is in hospital in Preston and it is suspected he is suffering from the cryptosporidium infection.”

Blackpool magistrates agreed to adjourned Hilton’s case to September 9 and said he must produce medical evidence he was too ill to come to court.