Inmate made 1,300 calls on smuggled phone

Photo Ian Robinson'Chorley Aerials''Garth Prison and Wymott Prison Ulnes Walton
Photo Ian Robinson'Chorley Aerials''Garth Prison and Wymott Prison Ulnes Walton
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A prisoner used a banned mobile phone to make more than 1,300 calls to his girlfriend while serving time at HMP Garth in Leyland.

Jason Gregson, 41, pleaded guilty to five counts of unauthorised use of a mobile phone in prison.

The offences were detected after Gregson was released from prison as part of a police investigation into the supply of Class B drugs into the jail in Ulnes Walton Lane.

Gregson was not found to have any involvement in the supply of drugs, but analysis of the seized mobile phone revealed 1,338 calls to the defendant’s long term partner and a further 40 calls to the solicitor who had represented him at a recent parole hearing.

Gregson had been returned to prison on licence after being released from a 16-year sentence, imposed in 2000 for kidnap, wounding with intent, false imprisonment and possession of a firearm.

The court heard since his release, Gregson had taken steps to make contact with his children and had passed his driving test with a view to finding a job.

However, following the discovery of the mobile phone, he was arrested at his bail hostel in Accrington and returned to prison to spend time on remand.

Judge Robert Altham, sentencing, said: “The submissions made by your counsel in relation to the progress you have made and the overwhelming interest in that continuing, and the fact this was committed whilst you were in prison before being released, does allow me to temper the length of your sentence, such that the sentence I impose will result in your release in the very near future.”

He handed Gregson eight months in prison on each count, to run concurrently.