Leyland criminal who stole man's fish says: ‘I’m sorry’

Crown Court
Crown Court

A bungling thief has admitted a fish from a man’s garden pond in a crime spree in Leyland.

Stephen Holden, 42, of Hough Lane, Leyland, pleaded guilty to unlawfully taking or destroying a fish from water at a private address on St Catherine’s Close.

He also stole a black rucksack from a woman’s car, and jump leads and electrical cables, from another - not realising the bag contained body building weights.

Holden admitted a further charge of possessing a blade after a Stanley knife was found on him.

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Preston magistrates were told all the items - including the fish - have been recovered.

Police came across Holden at 5.30pm on May 30 after a report of “suspicious activity”.

A bucket was found nearby containing a small Koi carp.

Prosecuting, Alex Mann said police tried to ‘repatriate’ the fish by knocking on various addresses on St Catherine’s Close.

It belonged to a retired man, who had noticed his fish net and bucket was out of place when he went to feed the fish.

Police showed him a picture of the bronze carp, said to be worth £60, and he identified it.

The fish was unharmed and was put back in his garden pond.

Holden, who has learning difficulties, said: “I was stupid that morning.

“I don’t want to go back to prison.”

He received four months, suspended for a year, a £115 surcharge and £85 costs.