Leyland dog walker Louise Jordan found guilty of robbery after incident in Cuerden Park

Cuerden Park
Cuerden Park

A married mature student is facing sentencing next month after robbing a fellow dog walker’s mobile phone following a row in a park.

Louise Jordan, 52, of Snowdrop Close, Leyland, denied she stole a phone from Adele Burns in Cuerden Park after a row broke out between them, but was convicted unanimously by jurors after a two day trial.

Prosecuting, Jon Close told jurors Mrs Burns said a lady had “walked past and pointed at her face” and she had asked: “What’s your problem?”

The court heard she had rang her husband to tell him a woman was being threatening towards her, and he had advised her to take a photo on her phone.

It is alleged Mrs Jordan “went beserk” when she tried to get a picture, grabbing her hair, swinging her, trying to grab the phone, and hitting her with a leather dog harness.

Mrs Burns alleges she kicked her and took her phone before smashing it and saying: “There’s your picture.”

The court heard two weeks earlier one of Mrs Burns’ dogs chased and injured a cat in the woods, with the issue circulated on social media - she believed the incident arose because of it.

There had also been a previous exchange about dog mess.

However the defendant claimed she did not have a leather dog harness, and had simply batted her arm and the phone away.

She said she heard Mrs Burns say: “If she carries on like that she’ll pay the consequences” and went to ask her what she had said.

Defending, Adam Brown said: “She didn’t set out seeking conflict - quite the opposite - however things turned intrusive, unpleasant and argumentative.”

She was granted bail and will next appear on March 21.