Murder trial told of chilling message before vicious knifing

Adam Wilson, died of knife woulds in Lostock Hall on September 22 2014
Adam Wilson, died of knife woulds in Lostock Hall on September 22 2014
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  • Preston man denies murdering Adam Wilson in vicious knife attack
  • Court hears how the accused could not accept his relationship was over
  • Defendant says he was armed with knife for his own protection

A jealous ex-boyfriend murdered a man he thought was seeing his former partner – with a knife he bought while he was on holiday with her in Scarborough, a court heard.

Jason Taylor, 21, of Westfield Road, Lostock Hall, denies murdering Adam Wilson, 25, in a vicious knife attack at the woman’s home.

Albrighton Crescent in Lostock Hall the scene of a murder

Albrighton Crescent in Lostock Hall the scene of a murder

Preston Crown Court heard how Taylor – who works removing meat from the carcasses of animals – could not accept his relationship with mum-of-two Jodie Emery was over.

On September 22 last year, he bombarded her with calls and texts before cycling to her house in Albrighton Crescent, Lostock Hall, and kicking in the door of the house while Ms Emery’s two children slept upstairs, the court heard. Louise Blackwell QC, opening the trial, said Taylor had sat outside Ms Emery’s house and, on occasion, looked through the windows, in the two weeks after they had separated.

On the day of the attack, the mum – having already arranged for friend Adam Wilson to visit – replied to messages her ex was sending in an attempt to keep him away, as she knew he would not be happy with her spending time with another man.

Ms Blackwell, prosecuting, told the jury Taylor had taken Ms Emery on a holiday to Scarborough and introduced her to his family. While they were at the seaside, he bought a large knife – thought to be the weapon – which he left at his mother’s house in Lostock Hall.

Murder victim, Adam Wilson

Murder victim, Adam Wilson

On September 22, after making it clear to Ms Emery he wanted her back, he asked his mum where the knife was. At 10.52pm, Ms Emery received a text from Taylor, stating: “Last chance or things are going to turn sour. Tell me who is there.”

In a recorded police interview, the young mum said: “I got a feeling he might be watching so I went to the conservatory. I closed the blinds. I rung him to say ‘what do you mean, one last chance?’

“While I was still in the conservatory, I heard kicking. I came back to see what was going on.

“Adam (Wilson) was behind the front door. I don’t know whether the door had gone through but the bottom had caved in and he (Taylor) climbed through the bottom.

“I tried splitting them up – they were both kind of going for each other.

“They must have been going backwards into the front room.

“Adam was lying on the settee and I was trying to cover him and shelter him.

“Jason ended up on top of me. They were still throwing punches around me.

“I was shouting ‘my kids are upstairs, my kids are upstairs, please stop, my kids are upstairs’.

“At that point Adam said ‘he’s stabbed me. Call 999.’”

As Taylor walked away, he swung the knife again, causing a slash wound to Mr Wilson’s leg, the court heard.

Mr Wilson had also suffered a deep knife wound to his upper inner thigh, cutting the femoral artery through to the bone.

Ms Emery said: “I checked his pulse – I thought I could feel a pulse but he was pale and he was cold.”

She tried to follow instructions being given to compress the wound, while trying to calm her baby, who was crying.

When the emergency services arrived, they took Mr Wilson to hospital by ambulance and he was pronounced dead just after midnight.

Police searched the area and found Taylor hiding in a nearby garden and the knife discarded on the roof of a car port.

The knife was analysed and DNA samples matching both the defendant and Mr Wilson were found on the blade and handle.

In a police interview following his arrest, Taylor said he was armed with a knife for his own protection as he had previously been threatened.

He said he had gone to the house to speak to Ms Emery about the breakdown of their relationship, but did not know Mr Wilson was there and had no intention of using the knife.

He denies murder.