OAP helps net Leyland drug dealer

Shane Wright
Shane Wright
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A quick witted elderly woman helped police net a drug dealer after spotting him throw a carrier bag of cannabis into her garden.

The pensioner spotted Shane Wright, who had been pulled over by police driving matters, sneakily hurl the drugs into her garden after he pretended to go to his car for his licence.

Judge James Adkin, jailing him for 14 months, said: “ These were serious offences.”

Preston Crown Court heard on January 11 police saw a BMW on Stanfield Lane, Leyland, and suspected it was not insured.

They spoke with the driver, Wright, who smelled of cannabis and he said he had documents but needed to go back to his car.

Prosecuting, Stella Massey said: “The officers took a mouth swab for a drugs test and whilst they were waiting for the result, an elderly lady knocked on the window of the police car and handed over a carrier bag which she said the defendant had just thrown into her garden.”

The bag contained 137g of cannabis. Wright fled as they went to arrest him.

Wright, 27, of Bannister Drive, Leyland later pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing cannabis with intent to supply, obstructing a PC, supplying cocaine and two of escaping lawful custody.

He was involved in a similar incident in August 2015, when he fled after being pulled over on Golden Hill Lane.