Police in South Ribble put to the test with online Q&A session

inspectors Alison Barff-Lewis and Julian Ormiston
inspectors Alison Barff-Lewis and Julian Ormiston

An online question and answer session with South Ribble Police proved a popular initiative.

Lots of folk took to their keyboards to put questions to inspectors Alison Barff-Lewis and Julian Ormiston in the one hour session between 7pm and 8pm last Thursday.

Questions were varied and here is a selection posed to the inspectors.

Q: Nicky Peet

Dangerous parking: East Street Leyland just off the main roundabout. There used to be signs displaying restrictions but they are now spray painted and knocked half way down the posts. Cars are parking there blocking the only entrance to the entire Millbrook Park estate. Is this for you guys or LCC?

A: South Ribble Police:

LCC will deal with signage so it might be best reporting this to them, with regards the parking, please report any vehicles parked dangerously with reg details if you can and send via www.lancashire.police.uk/reportit or via 101.

Q:Renee Rowlands:

I’m concerned about the cars that block the cycle lanes on Preston Road in Whittle-le-Woods. This also happens on Sunday mornings outside the church. I understand that this is an offence.

A: South Ribble Police:

We’ll mention this to highways and we’ll get the neighbourhood teams to pop into the church to help us get a message out to assist us.

Q: Anne P Robb:

The police brought out a new campaign to highlight parking on footpaths. How is this going to be policed?Down Leyland Lane towards the Seven Stars there are cars that park fully on the footpath, causing pedestrians to walk on the road. I got onto the council who gave me a number for the traffic wardens office. Rang that and told they would get back to me. Months later and nothing. A local councillor tried for me and she is still waiting as well. I appreciate you haven’t enough officers to cover such things, so why bring out a campaign for it if it can’t be policed. If I rang the police would they send an officer out? Or will it only be when someone has been knocked down?

A: South Ribble Police:

We can pass your concerns on to the local authority who we can work with to try and find a long term solution to this issue.

Q: Veronica Seed:

The school holidays are upon us and we will be seeing more and more antisocial behaviour on our streets. What is going to be done about it. I’ve reported youths riding scooters /motor bikes on the streets two and three on same bike no number plates hoodies scarves so only eyes showing.

A: South Ribble Police:

Could you let us know which area this is happening in and we’ll have a look into what we can do with the council to help.

After the session, the inspectors thanked those involved and said they would go through all the comments and respond where they could.